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Mild & delicate fillets. All-natural seafood. 17 g protein. Low in fat. 277 mg omega-3. Common sense seafood.

This delicate Flounder fillets are boneless, ivory-white & deliciously versatile. The thin profile of these cuts makes for fast preparation & the gentle flavor of Flounder lets it sparkle in so many recipes. Lightly breaded and fried is a traditional delight. Cream sauces & citrus flavors let the subtle notes of Flounder simmer to the surface. And a rolled fillet can enclose all kinds of savory fillings. Enjoy an all-natural seafood selection harvested from healthy stocks.


Flounder (Limanda Aspera).



Keep frozen. Product window on the bottom of this package. Thawing Instructions: Refrigerated Thawing: Remove all packaging. Place fillets in a covered dish and thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Rapid Thawing: Remove all packaging. Place fillets in a resealable bag and thaw under cold running water for approximately 15-20 minutes. Do not refreeze.